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Get in touch with Deborah for a discussion about which of her services will serve you best.  The group class environment is not suitable for everyone or you might be looking for a Celebrant for a Wedding, naming ceremony or to arrange a funeral.  In any of these cases, Deb will take all the time in the world with you to make sure you are taken care of in the best possible way….

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Profits from classes go to Move and Inspire Me, which is an unincorporated Charitable Association.

The aims of our Charity:

  • To provide an excellent standard of exercise, fitness and rehabilitation classes for children and adults in the local community who might not otherwise be able to access facilities nearby.
  • To provide high standard, low cost fitness, health and wellbeing education for members in a variety of settings.
  • To provide opportunities for spiritual, emotional, physical and mental growth for members.

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Things to bring to Tech Neck Class

Things to bring to Tech Neck Class

Usual mat, blanket and cushion Yoga Brick Soft but firm support to make a pad for the mid back such as a pair of men's or Wellie socks.  NOT an ordinary pair of socks as these will make too small a pad.  A hand towel with an elastic band around will work equally as...

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12th October: What the new Rules mean for classes

12th October: What the new Rules mean for classes

You'll have heard that in England there are now three tiers of COVID alert level, and that South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire are both in the middle category (High).  In this category there will be no social mixing between different households, but it is not the same...

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Sciatic Nerves & their Clinical Significance

Sciatic Nerves & their Clinical Significance

The sciatic nerve is the largest (thickest) and longest nerve in your body and supplies nerve feedback to the back of the thigh, the leg and has further branches all the way down to the foot so you can see why it is such an important part of our anatomy.  It has both...

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