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Move and Inspire Me classes are ideal if you are:

  • Over 45
  • Overweight
  • Recovering from injury

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Get in touch with Deborah for a discussion about which of her services will serve you best.  The group class environment is not suitable for everyone or you might be looking for a Celebrant for a Wedding, naming ceremony or to arrange a funeral.  In any of these cases, Deb will take all the time in the world with you to make sure you are taken care of in the best possible way….

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Profits from classes go to Move and Inspire Me, which is an unincorporated Charitable Association.

The aims of our Charity:

  • To provide an excellent standard of exercise, fitness and rehabilitation classes for children and adults in the local community who might not otherwise be able to access facilities nearby.
  • To provide high standard, low cost fitness, health and wellbeing education for members in a variety of settings.
  • To provide opportunities for spiritual, emotional, physical and mental growth for members.

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Give Yourself a Brainwave and Stave Off Dementia

Give Yourself a Brainwave and Stave Off Dementia

First sleep studies Burger invented EEG (1924) which gave us the knowledge that brain waves change during the night. However it wasn't until the 50's that Chicago University's Eugene Aserinsky used this information to discover REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep (the...

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Here at Move and Inspire Me we encourage you to take reasonable precautions without over reacting.  Here is the advice we ask you to follow regarding your attendance at class and in private sessions with us: HOW TO PREPARE FOR CLASSES The first of the following audio...

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How to look after your knees for the long haul

How to look after your knees for the long haul

Next week it is time to fall in fascination with your own knees! The subject has become close to my heart because dancers usually sight knee joint pain as a reason to stop coming to class - either in the short term or in the long term and Yogi's often find it...

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