There are certain emotional experiences we expect to just happen to us, like a bolt of lightening through the sky.  Things like falling in love, feeling excited (which we associate with an upcoming unusual event that takes a lot of planning), being in the mood for romance, experiencing peace and joy.  But what if these experiences and feelings were generateable?  Something in your control?  You didn’t have to sit around and wait for them to happen like the number two bus arriving?

Our Gentle Somatic Yoga class this week is all about just HOW within your control these things are.  Here are my top tips for generating more peace and joy in your life:

  1. Set up a daily meditation practice and empower yourself to live in the present moment.  The purpose of meditation is facilitate mindfulness during your hours off the mat.  In particular you will become more and more aware of these particular ego identifications which are sapping you of precious peaceful and joyful experiences…In particular:
  2. Notice when you are wanting, wishing and living in the future
  3. Notice when you are meaning making and generating a story in which you are the hero / martyr to the cause. In the narrative of what happened, stick to what is so, especially when describing it to others…
  4. Remind yourself you are not your thoughts and that there is no satisfaction if you follow the desires of the ego
  5. Notice when you are being right (and making others wrong)
  6. Lap up the joyful experiences like a Labrador greedily eats her dinner.  Soak them in.  Repeat them in your head, but without clinging.  Particularly the smell of your puppy dog; the afterglow of sex; the feel of the sun on your face during an early morning walk (raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens – you know the type of thing…  Find habits that help you to dwell on all you appreciate in the day such as writing a daily gratitude journal – one line will do!

Don’t try to stop your bad habits. Instead of trying to stop stuff forcefully, start in a gentle and easy manner to add new habits, especially those that will help you generate a mindset of peace and joy.  Habits have force, momentum, energy. They have their own power. Respect that deeply! Yoga is about interrupting the normal and generating a new normal.

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