When you first hear a new song in the Dance Playlist, you always find it easier to learn when you know the song.  We use “verse, chorus” teaching to make things easier.  This means when the chorus is coming, the dance moves will be the same each time it comes up.  The same with the verse etc!  But if you don’t know the song, you may feel less certain about what is coming next.  That is when it can be really useful to tap into our music selection for the week.

In Yoga, you may find that because we use the same tracks each week, the minute the music comes on you get into the zone and find yourself relaxing already!  It certainly works for me : )  You may enjoy using the tracks in your own practice, so follow the instructions below and ENJOY!

If you are on Facebook that is really easy to do if you are friends with me.  Just download the Spotify App from Spotify.  If you link it to your Facebook account, not only will you be able to log on quickly, but all your friends who use the music streaming service will be visible.  My handle on there is “stylesister” since I’ve been using it all the way back to the days when I was an Image Analyst many moons ago.

If you are not on Facebook, never fear!!!!  You’ll be able to tap into the tunes by clicking on this link.

Once you’ve found me, click on all my public playlists and voila!  All the songs for Dance Fitness and DanceFit Light, Revival Classes, Yoga, the lot!  Happy listening!  If you don’t pay for the premium service, you will hear the odd advert.  Premium starts at around a fiver a month, a tenner if you want to download onto your smartphone / mp3 player and take the music out and about with you.

One of the reasons I chose to this service is because it offers playlist length and crossfading, which is why your classes sound so slick and finish on time!  Here is an article that compares music services so that you can see my reasoning.

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