The title of this blog sounds like a child’s adventure book.  And the story I am about to tell you may well occur to you as a fairytale for two reasons:
  1. There are things that you don’t know that you don’t know that could be making you and particularly your small grand children very sick.  No one wants you to know this because it is in the best interests of the biggest industries to keep you progressing technologically so that you can make them a fortune.  The unbelievable-ness of this story is that there are so many collaborators that are keeping the facts from you who have much to lose in you finding out the truth.
  2. The woman that you have known for 8 years as the techno whizz kid, has taken herself back to the dark ages and removed herself from her screens in a most unbelievable about turn away from all things progressive.  This is in a bid to rid myself of technologically induced symptoms and in the knowledge that I have acquired from reading about the phenomenon mentioned in 1.
There is a principle within the ancient Yogic Vedic texts called Ahimsa which means Non-harm.  It is part of our journey toward living a better life in which we must embrace, according to the ancient Yogi’s if we are to progress along the spiritual path.  This wise calling to let go of cruelty toward ourselves and all sentient beings is the basis of this week’s blog and Yoga class content.  The reason why this week we will be talking about Electro Magnetic Fields is that there is a big harm being done to you, probably without your knowledge, unless you’ve taken the time to research it as I have recently.
So what is an EMF or Electro Magnetic Field?  It is a physical field caused by electrically charged items in your home and surroundings which cause 10 billion times more harm than they did in the 1960s because we have so much more of them in our lives now.  You would think wouldn’t you that the government would only allow the safe production of gadgets in the home and in the hand so that you could be sure that you and your family and friends are safe?  The bad news is that according to my research (and you can’t easily use some of the links below to confirm this) this simply isn’t so.  The guidelines for how much radiation we can safely be around for things like smart phones are actually very ancient. As far back as 1996 and it has not been updated since can you believe/. This is at a time when only 16% of us had mobile phones! And they weren’t even the powerful smart phones off today which 82% of us now own.  On top of that, a large percentage of the population are spending more than 9 hours per day engaged with electrical devices of one kind or another!   Even if you can’t say, taste or smell them, electromagnetic fields are all around you and affecting your health. In fact they occur in minute amounts naturally in our environment and animals are very sensitive them – it is what helps the birds know which direction to fly in when they fly south for instance.
Even if you really can’t take what I and all the researchers seriously, I would ask one thing of you – please consider holding off giving phones to children!  You know if you see someone from an old black and white film leaning over a cot smoking a cigarette, you say “Oh my goodness did we really allow that?” and “Why couldn’t anyone see what is obvious”.  Well I believe strongly that one day we will be saying that about allowing our kiddies near these radiation heavy devices.  They even make and iPad potty now!
The man made ones however are getting higher and higher in voltage and radiation levels causing damage to your DNA and have been linked to the increase in cancer rates; premature ageing, increases in infertility rates; auto immune disease prevalence; heart disease and metabolic syndromes. They are responsible for “Leaky Gut” which is at the bottom (sorry for the bun) of IBS and Chrons Diseases and Auto Immune Disease among other things.  They have been accused of opening up the blood brain barrier as well as research demonstrating how exposure to them opens up the plasma membranes of our cells (known as voltage gated calcium channels) leaving us vulnerable (with the extra calcium in our blood) to biological defects such as type 2 Diabetes.  Even Autism has been linked to exposure to EMF’s.  There is fascinating research demonstrating how putting an Autistic child into a low EMF environment drastically changes her / his behaviour.
Like all fairytales there are some real bad guys in this story. The worst is exposure to radio frequency sometimes called microwaves. These are things that you’re smart phone will give off (the newest 5G service will be even worse), some cordless phones are even worse so you can’t hide by using your DECT phone at home. They are in your smart meter; leaking out of your microwave oven and your Router and your Wi-Fi are are also some of the worst culprits!
Further to this, you are exposed to electrical fields in your household wiring; all manner of chords and chargers, your lamps and wiring.  Even turned off, a lamp will emit an electrical field constantly – did you know that?  Most UK households have way more electrical gadgets than is considered safe in countries like Sweden where the safe levels are far lower than here.  When I was a girl, we turned off and unplugged our TV at night.  If anyone forgot it was like a high level emergency!  If we went round these days and unplugged everything electrically we would never get to bed!

Any electricity that runs in a wire creates an electromagnetic field. So a transformer produces radiation that is several feet away from the transformer itself. High voltage power lines are the enemy. You will also find radiation effects from items that seem to be the good guys such as solar panels and MRI scans.  If you have converted your home using energy efficient items thinking that you are doing the right thing and I have some bad news for you because anything that flickers quickly is known as dirty electricity and can cause untold damage to your body at the cellular level. For instant an energy efficient light bulb will turn on and off 120,000 times per second. Dimmer switches are another culprit as is your smart TV. High levels of dirty electricity have been linked to the increase in ADHD in children; to the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, to heart disease, cancer, suicide and diabetes.
I am one of the people with chronic inflammation in my life who has been newly diagnosed with electro hypersensitivity. I know, I’m just greedy and 22 disabilities was simply not enough for me!  I have an electrical default in my heart as you know (Left Bundle Branch Block so it is very sensitive to electrical impulses around me.  Fortunately the magnets that I have bought from Alison Spencer (Monday Yoga, and all Bawtry Dance Classes) have saved me from having a worse reaction to radiation and it was probably the reason why I was attracted to buying them in the first place and why my body reacted so well to my first one, bringing my Thyroid Test results in alignment for the first time in 10 years!  I have asked Alison to come and talk to you about how magnets protect you from radiation in next week’s classes but she can be stopped at any time to explain and demonstrate to you.  3% of the population are legally recognised as having this disability under the DDA. The symptoms are debilitating and include biomedical markers that demonstrate that the body is chronically inflamed such as raised histamine levels: anti-myelin antibodies: low melatonin levels and high oxidative stress. On the outside the person presents with many of the following symptoms:
Tiredness, weakness, joint pain, muscle pain, nausea, Lung disorders, flu, throat problems, tremour, cramp, fainting, irritability, skin problems, hypertension, heart problems, dizziness, endocrine reactions, intestinal disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, allergies, asthma, sensitivity to light, headaches, lowered concentration and confusion, memory issues, numbness, tinnitus and deafness and speech difficulties. Not a pretty sight! The person is worse off if they live within 300 m of a cellular tower and exposure effects are worse if the person has not taken precautions to reduce the electromagnetic field at night time.
Just so that you don’t feel left out, because I’ve taken all the disability limelight, this syndrome is spreading and you may have it to. Your body runs on electricity and your muscles cannot work unless they respond to an electrical impulse, your bones cannot grow if they are not stimulated by electrical shocks; your skin heals like a battery: and your retina also runs on electricity. So you can see how exposure to electromagnetic fields will affect the body strongly.
If you are sitting comfortably thinking that you have escaped the terrible syndrome described above then sit up now because all of us who are exposed to electromagnetic fields that are far too high according to the latest research will have toxic effects laid upon the body as a result of exposure to EMF’s. For instance, if you use a smart phone a large part of the day you will be exposed to dirty electricity that will raise your blood sugar, causing issues with your insulin production, an increase in stress, anxiety and adrenaline which raises the cortisol in your blood and contributes towards being overweight.  Next time someone complains that you haven’t answered your phone, you can smugly tell them you are avoiding it in order to lose weight!!!!!  Research has shown that if you’re living close to a powerline your risk of Alzheimer’s goes up exponentially.  So if you are thinking of moving any time soon, the closeness of the nearest power line as well as cellphone tower should be in your notes of things to look out for.  The latest research has shown that effects of EMF exposure to be cumulative and there are just too many negative effects to list in the context of this blog but you can read more in the list I have provided at the end of this article.
So here is the part of the story you may have skipped too…. The important bit! How do we limit our exposure to electromagnetic fields that are clearly so damaging for us. Well the moral of the tale is that you take a step backwards into the dark ages and become less technological. I can already hear you cheering if you are one of the class members that complaints to me about your negative relationship to technology such that you avoid it like the plague. It seems as though you are the best protected of my beautiful gang.  When you listen to the precautions that I advise, you will be cheering and sighing wistfully about a golden era before we needed to be shielded from these dangerous rays!
The most important time to protect yourself is at night when the body is trying to heal itself. So these are the first measures you must take.   Firstly, lets look at protecting you at home:
  1. Turn off your Wi-Fi.  Especially at night.  Use a wired connection instead during the day.
  2. Turn off all your electrical sockets and take the plug out of the wall, especially near your head so your bedside lamp needs to be unplugged when you go to sleep.
  3. Make sure your main circuit breaker is at least 10 foot from your sleeping space.
  4. Embrace not-so-intelligent electrical items! Get rid of as much smart stuff as you can such as your smart TV, your Apple TV and your smart meter. If a smart meter is already fitted make sure it’s not on the other side of your bedroom wall.
  5. Use a wired mouse and keyboard at your computer and keep your legs away from charges under the desk.
  6. If you use a laptop, keep it off your lap and put it on a desk. Better still buy a laptop stand that is designed to shield you from EMFs.
  7. Keep metal items around your face in particular to a minimum so that they are not used as a conductor of electricity especially when you are using your smart phone. This covers metal framed glasses, tattoos, dental amalgams, jewellery, and underwiring in a bra.
  8. Unplug all transformers. Get rid of CFL bulbs, LED lights and fluorescent lightbulbs. Convert all your dimmers to ordinary switches and remove halogen bulbs in favour for the old-fashioned type which do not Flickr hundreds of thousands of times per minute. Unplug all charges when not in use.
  9. Charge items a long way from your bedside table and only when you are not in the room.  So for instance use an old fashioned mechanical timer to turn on the chargers at night only.
  10. Ditch your microwave which is constantly giving off radiation even when not in use.
Did you know that in the small print inside your phone, it will tell you not to hold the phone to your head to talk? Even the manufacturers are very clear that speaking on a mobile is very dangerous.  Each manufacturer will tell you the optimum distance from your ear.  For instance a Galaxy phone is 15mm and an iPhone is 5mm.  Both suggest a very specific 15 degree angle.  However, I would highly recommend you get the phone as far away from your body as possible, especially when it’s in use as a telephone.  Now lets move on to protecting you when you are out and about:
  1. If you are able to use your phone on 3G rather than 4G and avoid 5G first long as possible.
  2. Do not use your phone unless you have five bars of signal. Whenever the phone is in a low signal area it will be constantly activating it’s antenna, thus ramping up the emissions one thousand fold so it’s better to turn it off and try another area before you make the call with full signal.
  3. Remember that your car is a big metal box. So it’s not just for reasons of distracting the driver that you should avoid making a call. Always turn your phone on to airplane mode. Your phone will work as a satnav on airplane mode if you search for the destination whilst you are online and then turn it off when you get in your car.
  4. Do not use your smart phone or any mobile phone inside a case as this increases its emissions by 20 – 70% unless it is a case designed to shield you from them. The best make of this is Defender Shield.
  5. Always keep your smartphone at least a foot away from your body. Make the call whilst on speaker and sitting on a table, not in your hand or in your lap. Do not carry it in a bag close to your stomach especially if you have intestinal issues or are pregnant.
  6. Do not give your smart phone to your grandchildren. The research that has been done on the dangers of smart phone use in order to set the safe limits uses the head of a 6 foot three Marine. As you can appreciate a child has a much smaller head than this and will therefore be experiencing much higher levels of radiation as a result.
  7. Take your metal rimmed glasses off when using your phone as they act as an antenna
  8. Turn your phone to airplane mode at night.
  9. If you prefer not to use your phone on speaker, by some airtube wired headphones so that you will be protected from radiation.
Here is how my research has changed my life the better:
  1. I am visiting people instead of talking on the phone. I find face to face connection far more satisfying and warm!  Also no misconstrued conversations over text!
  2. I have resigned from Facebook and I am speaking to my potential class members in the street.  This means I’m not dealing with those silly keyboard warriors who show an interest online because it’s easy to click on a button, spend hours of wasted time not really listening to the answers I am spending hours writing out for them and then just disappearing off the face of the earth and a very rude and annoying manner, leaving me feeling very disappointed at the amount of time I have put into the connection.  Though perhaps it was never a connection in the first place!
  3. I can no longer be “video called” on a Sunday night when I am in my nightie by a complete stranger who wants to come to Monday Yoga then after a great deal of arranging and lugging of equipment, simply doesn’t turn up!
  4. I am reading instead of watching the Smart television.  And you all know how much I love my research.  Reading is just SO MUCH more relaxing isn’t it?  I used to watch the TV out of one eye and answer messages with the other, never really captivated enough by the programme but more importantly never really relaxing properly either!
  5. I am only having 2 1/2 hours maximum screen time per day (this was the recommended level for my hypersensitive condition) with good effect on my posture and mental well-being.  It also means I’m working less which has always been a goal of mine as you know.
  6. I have made it difficult to use my computer so that there are no knee-jerk reactions to putting it on. I am using a wired connection and my Wi-Fi is turned off.  So it is a faff to set it up but that’s a good thing as it makes me use it less which has been a goal of mine for the last 8 years!
  7. I am sleeping in a more rested way and waking up with far more energy because there are no devices charging and nothing is plugged in next to my head. We even found that the socket next to my head was faulty which meant it was giving off much worse radiation. I dread to think how much damage has been done and I didn’t even notice how much it was buzzing because my IPad was such a distraction in the room… Oh dear…
  8. I have taken out a new landline contract and all my calls are being forwarded to it from the mobile so that I am talking on a wired connection. My brain is no longer being fried.
  9. You will see me with the work smartphone but notice I put it down to do the register on it – not hold it in my hand close to my tummy!
  10. You will see me with my Apple Watch and this is my only thing to hold on too because of the value it has in monitoring my heart which is dicky and also as a measure of exercise (more to keep it down than raise it so my heart is ok).  However I now only wear this when exercising, not all the time.  I have also kept my Bluetooth headphones because they work with the watch but I limit the use of them aggressively.
  11. I am finding it much simpler and more effective to organise my time on paper and it means I am away from the screen and somehow able to be much more creative in my thinking and planning.  I have remembered how much I used to love paper and stationary before the gadgets took over my life and have invested in some really cute smart paper which won’t hurt me in the way the other smart stuff has in my life!
  12. I have bought a new lap tray that houses my non-Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad which has a wrist rest on it and I am in a much more suitable ergonomic position for my hands which were getting very bad with arthritis. In fact since I stopped holding my smart phone the arthritis pain has gone completely.
  13. I found out that a small adapter can turn my lightening port into an Ethernet port and I am using my iPad wired, not wireless.  Again, faffy to set up which is a good thing!
  14. I am in the business of converting my office back into an art and craft room so watch this space for what I produce when I’m back into the swing of the art world!
Hopefully you have benefitted from me doing all the research for you but I highly recommend that you do this for yourself…
I would also like to thank Brenda Lightburn from Friday Yoga for encouraging me on this journey which she took many years ago.  She is a mine of information on the subject and I’m sure she will be sharing with us in class and will help with questions on the subject.
Here are the books and resources that I have used (you can borrow any you want):
This is a very easy to read one which will give you all the basics
This is the author’s website which has free guides attached
Much of the book was based on this one:
Here are some useful websites: – Brenda recommends this site
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