The trouble with trouble is that it comes around like a bad penny, over and over again.  So how do you get out of the vicious circle within which you find yourself very stuck.  Take a look at what you are;

  • Ignoring?

  • Putting Up With?

  • Trying to Change?

It might be putting up with a rebellious child’s unappreciative behaviour; it might be constantly being on a diet but never really changing or ignoring the mounting debt to the extent you no longer log into your credit card statement because you’re afraid too.  Whatever it is, doing what you are doing by ignoring it, putting up with it or trying to change it for evermore is NOT making this thing go away so far… so you need a new tack…

If I gave you a call today and said you had won an exotic holiday, when would you be excited about it?  Today right?  Even if the holiday wasn’t until December?  Who would you excitedly call first (once you had evidence of course that it wasn’t a scam)?  Your best friends and loved ones and you would excite them with you right?

That’s how it is when you arrive at the conclusion that an ENTIRELY new approach to the issue is available to you.

It’s very very transformative.  You’ll be excited about it RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW even if the vision won’t transpire until later…

Want to know how?

Come to Yoga next week – I will be revealing some Psychology secrets from my days as a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University and I will present them to you in class!  You could change your life for the princely sum of £8 – if you can get a space that is….  Alternatively book a session to suit your own time table and life style and I will give you some transformative life hacks that will change you for ever right there in our very first meeting or your money back!

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