Here is my introduction to this week classes about the SI Joint and how this affects our experience of Low Back Pain.  Spot the deliberate mistake when I say that we aren’t able to voluntarily move our SI muscles when I mean the SI joint!

This video will help you to understand which side of your pelvis might be jammed further forward from the other.  Don’t worry if it’s neither and if during this test, both sides of the pelvis feel even – you will still enjoy learning about the SI joint in class and it will be useful to keep this if you ever find yourself holding on to some back or leg pain and you suspect the pelvis is out of alignment.

The pelvis can also be jammed in a forward or backwards tilt (as in the tailbone tucked under or pushed up and back); the hip may be hiked upward or it may be twisted.   Here is a playlist of all the movements we did in class this week to correct any of these pelvic situations and help stabilise the pelvis to avoid back pain:

Here are your class notes in stick women format:

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