Classes running this week:

Thursday: Dance Combo: Cancelled

Friday: Dance Fitness: Cancelled

Yoga: Running

Weds 28th Feb 2018

Today’s class (Weds Yoga) was cancelled because of the circumstances of the hall.  It’s up a very steep and extremely icy hill and the venue manager advised us to cancel.  I’m hoping that all other classes will remain on during this cold snap but please bookmark this page as I’ll be updating it with changes due to weather conditions.  I will keep the calendar up to date too.  Please also text or email if you are planning not to come to class for any reason so that I can get an idea of numbers and make a decision based on that.  If your mobile number has changed, please let me know and if you’re on Facebook, keep an eye out on the page, the groups and on my personal timeline.


All classes missed due to Move and Inspire Me cancelling them will be refunded.  This means you’ll pay less for next term.  If you are not renewing, you’ll get a sticker with Tracey’s contact details on to organise the refund to go straight into your bank.  Thank you very much to those that have donated their refunds to Suzannah’s Podenco charity – it looks as though all the recent donations will save the centre and her legacy.

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