For Yoga classes, bear in mind that I may have been heating up a room from several hours beforehand to get it to the right temperature for your class. We don’t want to leave the door open as it will chill the room too much before the start of the class so when you come in, please shut doors behind you.

For Dance Classes. it will probably seem freezing when you walk in but within a few minutes you’ll be stripping off.  If you find it too hot, let us know and we will open some windows before we start because trying to do that half way through can be disruptive!

Registering & Swapping

Please use the tablet / iPad to register that you have arrived for fire hazard purposes – just touch the picture of your face. If there is no picture and just your name, please send us a nice head shot that you would like using at class.  We have the pictures on for two reasons… number one, in the case of fire, it could be someone taking the register that doesn’t know everyone off by heart so it’s an easy reference.  Secondly, if you want to learn some names, you can put a face to a name easily by taking a look at the register!

We worry about you if you don’t turn up, so please send us an email to let us know you’re ok.  This is preferable to texting as the phone goes onto an auto responder when we leave for class which is generally up to an hour or more beforehand so we won’t receive it until after class and you’ll get an annoying message!  Please don’t use personal private facebook messenger for this purpose.

If you wish to swap a class the next week, please mark yourself as away in the diary for your own class and as attending the class you are swapping too, preferably in the corresponding class time in the Class Diary.  The swapping class process is only available in class time and preferably as you come in the door, not after class.  Please avoid sending text or emails about it to us as the diary is often not in our office.  Ask a friend to do it for you if you can’t make class or risk turning up if it’s a large room like Bawtry New Hall (it’s only really Monday Yoga that is full to capacity).  Try to avoid waiting until the end of the class when the register has already been put away and the room needs to be cleared quickly.

Yoga Class Content:  Generally speaking the same class is done in every Yoga class in the same week to make it easy to swap but occasionally we get out of order (if a bank holiday falls on a Monday for instance) so please check which class you need to swap too as it might be the week before or after to get the missed class.

Kindness to Fellow Yogi’s / Yogini’s

For Yoga, please try to arrive 5 – 15 minutes before class to lay out your mat and if  you know you might be late, please warn Deborah before hand. Please be mindful that others are potentially in a vulnerable psychological state as they settle into an acute awareness mind set as the class is beginning. and if at all possible, give your Yoga kit to your friend who will lay everything out for you so that you aren’t disturbing the class when you come in.

Combination Class

When you’ve been getting hot in the Dance part of class, then removing your sweaty socks for the Yoga part, it can be difficult (and quite disgusting) to be getting your socks back on!  A clean pair or some flip flops in the summer is always useful!  We will say nothing about the etiquette of where those sweaty socks should go ha ha!

Check Around Before You Leave

As you leave, don’t forget to check round for all your bits and pieces as we’ve lost quite a few blocks, bricks and straps.  We have even had the odd purse and phone left behind! Try to avoid the end of class for letting me know you won’t be here the next week or for swapping.

Many thanks for helping the classes to run smoothly!

Deborah and Laura


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