Here at Move and Inspire Me we encourage you to take reasonable precautions without over reacting.  Here is the advice we ask you to follow regarding your attendance at class and in private sessions with us:


The first of the following audio files explains what to think about when preparing to come to class whatever type you wish to attend.  The second is relevant information for Yoga Students during and after the session and the last audio track is relevant to Dancers during and after class.


All joking aside, we want to be responsible within our Dance and Yoga Communities and therefore help to slow the outbreak.  We are following Social Distancing Guidelines so there is no need to wear a face covering as advised by our industry standards:

If someone in our group has symptoms of COVID-19 the following letter informs from Doncaster Council us of procedures for local Tracking and Tracing:


Things we suggest you definitely avoid doing in order to best handle your symptoms and avoiding spread if possible:

  • Waiting to let us know you have had a positive test (we are taking photos in class so that we can effectively track and trace).
  • Turning up at the GP’s or hospital if you have symptoms.  Contact the NHS 111 line, to avoid spreading the virus.
  • Touching the tap with your hand after you’ve washed it (use a paper towel, tissue or towel) which would mean you re-infect your hands.  Ideally keep the towel to open the door as handles will have been handled by potentially infected people
  • Kissing your dog.  Remember – they can carry the virus on their membranes even though they can’t get it
  • Using your hand when you cough or sneeze.  If you’ve time, get a tissue in on the act.  If not, cough into your shoulder as it’s the least likely area to be touching anyone else after the fact.
  • Touching your face.  Seriously… the more you touch your nose and mouth, the more likely the infection is to spread.
  • Acting on panic misinformation in the media.  You can keep an eye on the NHS frequently updated (daily this week) information site here, but arm yourself with the facts rather than buying 3 tons of toilet rolls and tins of spam or coffee cake supplies and isolating yourself for the rest of 2020.  A list of reliable sites is down below.
  • Old fashioned cloth handkerchiefs – bin them all!  Especially if they tempt you to use them more than once as this is a sure fire way of keeping the virus alive.
  • Asking for antibiotics which are for bacterial, not viral infections.

Where to go for facts about Covid-19

NHS Croronavirus

Government Guidelines

European Centre for Disease Control


World Health Organisation

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