Our First Song of this new playlist is Rather Be by Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne.  The choreography was done by one of our favourite groups of female exercise instructors from a Big Church Group called Refit Revolution in the US.  We have followed them on YouTube for the last 10 years and have watch them grow as business women.  In this video, you’ll see that the 4 girls have all got pregnant at the same time.  Awww…. Cute!


Next we are focusing on mobilising the joints.  We chose this popular number which has been in the charts around 7 months now (it’s September 2020 as I write this).  The choreography is by Red Studio but I have adapted to make it a little more suitable for our age group.  However, there are some lovely shoulder and arm movements to warm up the shoulder girdle, gentle squats and twists to warm up the spine and of course the hip movements to warm up the femur in the acetabulum.

Iko Iko

First of our weight’s section is Iko Iko by Captain Jack.  Many of feel that this is one of the most challenging aerobically if you jump as you are “turning the handle” and bounce on the waves and heel digs.  Similarly the squats, if taken lower are a challenge.  So if you are using your legs in this very powerful way, because they are the largest muscles in your body, you will bring your heart rate higher than the music suggests as it is a slow steady beat.  The choreography is designed to strengthen your oblique muscles, giving you a nice waist shape, so side lean as far as you can in the handle turning and waves section and you will get more from this dance.

You can also increase or decrease the intensity of this dance by bringing your arms above your head for the 4 waves as this will really give your heart a job to do – pumping the blood up high, further intensifying this workout.  We used to do an “Upright Row” where there are now “Hammer Curls” and changed it because the we felt the first of these was forcing an internal rotation under load which isn’t at all healthy for your shoulder joints.  Hammer Curls are Bicep Curls with the forearm turned a quarter turn so your thumbs are uppermost.  The same safety rules apply about keeping your elbows in tight to the waist and shoulder joint stable.  This way you will gain the strength in your bicep and not simply wear out your joints!

Don’t forget that this could be a nice easy song if you don’t want all the challenges (or part of your body doesn’t)! It’s only by doing as suggested that this song becomes more aerobically challenging.

Here is Debbie teaching Iko Iko

Second Weights song is Polaroid which was choreographed by Laura Barton when Debbie and I were training her up.  She is seen in the following video breaking the moves down.  If you want to go straight to the routine, just fast forward to 02:58.  Don’t forget to do the “Polaroid” camera action!  Enjoying seeing some old friends in this video, including lovely Benny Boy who died in April last year (my old Black Labbie) and of course Carol and Sue who have since left us for pastures new…


All That Jazz

Song Number 9: Rain Over Me

You can’t beat a Pitbull song in a Dance Fitness Class and we really loved the choreography from Sid at Dance Party Hustle in the US Virgin Islands who has over 100 Dance Choreography Videos on YouTube.  I expect you all to be looking as Sexy as Sid by the end of 5 weeks!


There are quite a few Westlife Fans amongst us so choreographing a number from them would be very remiss of us!  So here we have Debbie’s Choreography for their ever so jolly song “When You’re Looking Like That”!  The challenge isn’t the steps at all but getting them all in the right order, since the song has so many nuances!  Here is a video which we shot when we had just learned it from Deb but as you can see, Laura and I were heavily reliant on Debbie’s cues at this stage:



Pitbull is always a firm favourite in our classes – here is Debbie demonstrating the song

Pennsylvania 6500

Better When I’m Dancing

We all agree with this statements – that we feel better when I’m dancing!  It’s a tough one if you can manage to keep your weights very high up like Debbie is in this video!

Our new weights track for this playlist is Dugar by Robin Schultz. We both choreographed the track together and here we are performing it at Bawtry New Hall.


Feel It Still

Upside Down

Upside Down – watching this video will remind you of the days when we could yell and shout happily.  Ahhh *sigh* those were the days!

Hit The Road Jack

This has been in our playlist for 10 years.  It’s short but it’s fun and we defy you not to sing it out loud!  Here is Debbie showing you how it’s done!


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