Our new playlist staring 12th October starts with a nice simple warm up, complete with all your favourite easy steps to get your joints lubricated for what’s to come.

At the moment, the Charity doesn’t have enough funds to pay to upload the videos into Vimeo.  YouTube is free but it takes down our videos and we risk getting to many strikes for using background music that is commercial – even though the artist lets you use it for teaching purposes but YT is such a big platform the strikes are computer generated and very quick off the mark.  We don’t want to risk loosing the channel after spending so many years (10) uploading info for free for you all.  So instead I have linked to the video on google.  All you have to do is click on the one you want to see (match the name of the song above to get the title if you’re not sure what it’s called).


Thank you again to Chakkaboom for this Choreography which serves as a fabulous joint mobility warm up for the main dance content of the playlist.  I have a particular fondness for Lizzo because she is so happy to be her size and is a huge advocate for fitness.  I secretly like to think of myself as the white version of Lizzo.  Shall we call me Debedeboh from now on?

Here is Lizzo doing her thing at Glastonbury last year:



One Way Ticket

All Day and All Night

Cake By The Ocean


I Love To Boogie

Cola Song (there are some tiny changes to this but you will hear them in the voice over)

Baby Jane


Dance Like Yo Daddy

Can’t Feel My Face

Back It Up

Dr Wanna Do


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