Dancing Through The Decades

Dance classes focus on correct style and technique and whilst the Move and Inspire Me programme embraces many dance styles, and the playlist consists of your favourite music from all decades, the class is not technique focused. This is because if the instructor stops to show the break down of the steps, the fitness benefits of the class are compromised because your heart rate necessarily slows down. The playlist is designed to raise the heart rate to just the right level at just the right time. This is based on interval training techniques so the songs will have a beat speed corresponding to heart rate requirements within the class structure.

Please do not worry about getting the steps exactly right. Just keep moving! There are no wrong moves, even if everyone else is going in the opposite direction from you – it’s all part of the fun! Please don’t have the expectation that you can pick up the moves in an instant, just try to watch for hand signals and for the same moves being brought up in the warm up and during the song at half speed for the first time around.

You won’t hear much shouting and talking from the front of the class in boot camp style! The instructors are trained to offer you clear non-verbal signals and the steps are kept so simple that you can copy them quickly. We find that talking over the music all the time is counterproductive because its very difficult to hear and it takes away from the atmosphere we create with our music playlist. So sing away and forget about perfection in the steps. Just keep moving!

We can keep the prices this low because we are a not-for-profit organisation. If you’d like to become involved as a volunteer, talk to any one of the team – we are grateful for all kinds of help from demonstrating to taking leaflets around the local shops to advertise our classes near to you We ask you to let us know if you know you’re going to be away for a week so that we can manage the spaces available.

Deborah, our head instructor is a barefoot runner and you will see her in the Vibram Five Fingers (individual toes) “shoes” for this reason. She understands the benefits as well as pitfalls of training yourself to go naked below the ankle. Please talk to her about this but we do not recommend that you go barefoot in class without training your body for a long time and discussing it with us first.

Our instructors are fully qualified and fully insured! The activities are designed to place a gradually increasing workload on the body in order to improve overall health.
We hold all the current required music licences, and won’t work with a venue if it doesn’t hold PRS licence or First Aid Boxes stocked to the correct level (though we carry our own anyway).
For all classes, wear clothes you would wear for an aerobics class – i.e. comfortable active wear that does not restrict your movements and allows your body to thermoregulate (cool itself when exercising).
Our Dance Fitness Classes fit well along side any weight goals you may have set yourself and you should find it a lot easier to shed the pounds!

Did you know…

Dancing burns 250 to over 400 calories an hour, strengthens your hips, thighs and calves; and like weight training, builds stronger bones?

Dance for the health of it!

Tickhill Scout & Guide HQTuesdays10am
Bawtry Parish HallFridays9:30am

Coffee Club follows our Tuesday morning class so please stay behind to chat with us after class (30p per cup)

Update: Tuesday class is now full

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