It would be culturally acceptable for me to say “I hope you are looking forward to tomorrow, Christmas Day”!  But as a Yoga Teacher I hope you are living in this present moment, with less focus on your expectation of how things will go in the future (or the past).  It’s very natural to think that our happiness comes from some future goal being met, such as “I’ll be happy when I’ve reached my goal weight” or “when I’ve had my knee surgery” or “When my son finally stops seeing that awful girlfriend that is making my life a misery” etc etc.  Craving is part of our make up as human beings.  We were designed to want stuff and our modern capitalistic culture reinforces this, particularly at Christmas which is focused on material things for many.  The problem with this is that our self worth becomes wrapped up in our ownership of things and worse, we become endlessly dissatisfied because even if our desires are met, the pleasure is fleeting before we move on to the next desire and the next and the next!

Today can you notice how much time you spend wanting and wishing for something to happen and when you notice, can you just let the thought pass by without attaching yourself to it?  This can then affect your relationships which are less affected by wanting someone to be a certain way to satisfy your next desire and we can begin to get in touch with feelings of gratitude and love which will give us the best Christmas ever!

Have a Happy Christmas and I will see you in 2019!


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