Following on from yesterday’s blog, our expectations extend to the Christmas Festivities themselves.  It’s the time of year when the roast potatoes have to be perfectly fluffy as well as the present for Auntie Ida having to be just what she needs. Just notice how you react when things go wrong – you forget to buy someone a present or send your cards past the deadline etc etc.  Can you give up making it mean a whole pile of “truths” about yourself, saying things like “I’m so disorganised” or “I’m so thoughtless” and just stick to describing the facts.  Rather like the cold soup example I give in this blog, the soup comes cold to your table in the restaurant and that is a fact, you reaction to that fact, saying to yourself such things as “I don’t deserve to be given cold soup” or “this place is useless at hiring good staff” etc etc are not facts but interpretations of facts. It’s impossible to live outside of cultural values about what to expect at Christmas, though you can watch for very high levels of idealism creeping in that only serve to stress you out and you can avoid unnecessary meaning making when things “go wrong” inside your idealistic expectations of what should be so.

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