The consumerism of Christmas has now reached epic proportions hasn’t it?  I remember being very very excited as a girl to be opening my Christmas stocking…which had in it a baby orange, some chocolate coins and one or two “out of a cracker” style tiny presents.  But what joy they brought!  On top of this there was one main present only such as a guitar.  Nothing else!  Children today get hundreds and hundreds of presents in most middle class families to the point of overwhelm.  All of this represent the level of over consumption that is a long way from the true meaning of Christmas.  Perhaps it’s time to get rid of one of the greatest obstacles to Spiritual development: overwhelming over reliance on the addictive path of material gain.   How could you settle for a simpler Christmas this year and turn away from the over indulgence that feeds the notion that things and only things (and more and more of them) outside of our mind make you happy?  What small thing could you do today to turn away from overconsumptionism?  For more about these kind of practical ethics, check out this blog.

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