I find myself very driven at Christmas.  It’s not surprising when the usual workload is quadrupled by all the things I must, ought to and should do for Christmas.  It’s so easy to get caught up in all that is expected of us, especially the woman of the household who seems to be landed with a lot of the extra tasks.  So I arrive at my friend’s house on November 24th and cringe as she hands me the neatly wrapped and thoughtful Christmas gift because she has carefully worked out we won’t now be seeing each other until after Christmas.  All these socially constructed ideals of what we have to do at Christmas are a long way away from the true meaning of Christmas which is about Peace and Love, not endless task lists; commercialism and extravagance!  How can we avoid getting sucked in?  By taking time out to reflect and keep things simple.  So I’m inviting you to give a few jobs away to someone else, to ditch them completely and to give up the tyranny of musterbation this Christmastime in favour of some genuine Christmas Chill Time!

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