I often find that my immune system understands my calendar.  It knows exactly when the term finishes and all of a sudden when things stop, the cold and flu symptoms start!  I’m taking my own advice in terms of Netti Potti use (have a look at this blog to understand why this self care works to stop cold’s arriving in the first place).  I’ve also booked myself in to some Apple Workshops because that’s what I love to do – learn new stuff and particularly stuff that relates to my technology instruments which gives me a great sense of satisfaction when I feel I’m using them to my best ability (and justifies having them in the first place).  I find there needs to be a bigger “yes” to something fun or the whole of my life will get swallowed up with other peoples expectations and agendas about what I ought to be up too.  Is there something you can book for yourself today to ensure you are taking care of yourself over Christmas and not just serving everyone else?  I certainly hope so!

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