There are 7 weeks of term before half term.  That’s a long time to wait before we all socialise together, especially since we want to welcome our members to the BRAND NEW AND SPARKLING Wednesday Daytime Yoga Class into the fold.  In honour of them, the committee are presenting a fund raising Luncheon at Tickhill Cricket Club, just 5 weeks into term and straight after a Wednesday Yoga class at Tickhill Cricket Club (12.30 for 1).  In each of the classes, one of our committee members will be collecting your £12:

Carol Barnett for Friday Dance; Pat Inglis for Bawtry evening classes; Nicola Atkin for Tuesday morning, Laura Barnet for Friday Yoga; and Tracey Beveridge for Wednesday and Monday Yoga.

So look out for them and their envelope when Autumn Term Classes start and in the meantime, pop this date in your diary because it is not to be missed!  Your ticket price includes a gorgeous and enormous hot meal and a little bit of dancing should you wish to partake afterwards (but not pressure).

All class members welcome

See you on the dance floor (and round the diner table, yum, yum)

Much love,


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