This week in yoga we are focusing on the muscles that allow your hips to be stable whilst you’re walking.  We begin our class with a gentle warm up that mimics walking action but lying down in order for you to understand how to control the pelvis as two separate halves to become aware of any tightness in the sacroiliac joint:
We further release the sacroiliac joint along with the Quadratus Lumborum muscle that is often responsible for hiking the hip up When the SI joint is misaligned. Tightness in it causes a great deal of hip and back pain. If you find yourself with a sore back, especially if you suspect that your hips are out of alignment with one side higher than the other, this can be a most relaxing and releasing Somatic flow:
Without the stabilisers you would lollop from side to side just like an ape. We therefore need these to be strong however, people doing a lot of exercise especially running and dancing and those who are seated for long periods during the day will potentially tighten these hips stabilising muscles more than is healthy. Our class this week will help those of you in this predicament.
In our lying down “Flutter Wings” flow we are learning the subtlety of controlling both inner and outer thigh as well as the glutes movements as separate from the ankle. Very often in a non-somatic yoga class there will be less attention to how much of the action is going on at the ankle. In this subtle exercise we learn to coordinate leg abduction and add action separately from the ankle movements giving us a greater ability to release the tight muscles by re-programming the brain.
We repeat this in standing where there are different forces running through the hips since you are now weight-bearing.
You commonly finding a Hatha yoga class the action of sitting and cradling your knee in towards your chest and rocking from side to side with your arms wrapped around your lower leg. In our Somatic yoga class however we will not be performing the rocking action. Although this is fun to do and feels great it’s not actually opening out the hip in the way that we are trying to achieve but merely swinging the joints around. So try this version of “Hip Cradle“ on for size to release the connective tissue tightness around your hips:
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