Five ideas to keep you active, healthy and calm in the Easter holidays

1. Check in with your notes

You might want to look back at your old Yoga Notes or Check out the new Video Dance Channel to get some inspiration for the holidays. Even 10 minutes doing a stretch from the catalogue of fitness or yoga notes will energise you for the day!

2. Check in with your class mates

Most of you know each other through the Yoga or Dance Facebook groups (if you’re not a member, add yourself quick) so don’t be shy about organising dog walking, swimming and other physcially active outings with each other and your families.

3. Get into the groove

Download Spotify onto your phone, if you haven’t already got it. It’s absolutely FREE (although there are paid options if you want to download playlists and listen outside of your home) and access the Move and Inspire Me Class Playlists. Search for Deborah Molwuka or Stylesister and look in the folder for your class. Click follow and you’ll always have the current playlist to listen too. Jig around to your class music whilst you’re doing chores and keep everything fresh in your mind. It doesn’t matter if you make up the steps you can’t remember!

4. Keep stretching

It can be tempting to sit around a bit more when we are off (for me too). If you do find yourself more familiar with your sofa, don’t forget to shift positions regularly, sometimes stacking up pillows behind your back to keep you more upright and have your spine in better alignment than a couch normally allows. Don’t forget to do some stretches to take you back into flexion (forward folding), extension (little back bends), rotation (twisting) and side flexion (side bending). It doesn’t have to be a Yoga pose, it can just be a simple stretch and holding, even sitting on your sofa. Keep your back nice and supple, despite the change of activity level.

5. Mindfulness in everything

Even if you don’t do any activity whatsoever for our 2 week break, you can do your relaxing mindfully. Try to fully immerse yourself in what you are doing rather than doing 3 things at once! You will be amazed at how peaceful you feel if you just walk the dog, without checking your phone or allowing yourself to become distracted. Just breath in for 3 steps and out for 4 and catch yourself whenever your mind wonders and bring it back to the steps and the breath. The longer exhalation will bring about relaxation and calm in your body and mind!

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