Information for Venue Managers

We love to work with local community halls. If you would like to attract users to your building one of the fastest ways to do that is to have one of our ever-popular classes happen weekly in it. We advertise or write community articles in all the local magazines and many of our customers can turn into your customers.

We do however have a few guidelines which we find make our working relationship go smoothly. We take our duty of care of our customers very seriously and your co-operation with these few essential guidelines ensures everyone is safe and happy at their class.


Why work with us?

Our Commitment to Your Venue

  • Our professional indemnity insurance (& Public Liability) – both 5 million
  • The size of our local customer database and local reputation
  • Our up to date music licenses (including Pro Dub & PPL) and our commitment to using licensed materials correctly
  • Our promise regarding venue management and liability (we will pay for any damage or breakages done by our staff or customers)
  • Our time keeping
  • Our commitment to excellence in terms of our duty of care
  • Our marketing experience and commitment to promoting your venue
  • Our business performance coaching experience in giving you any guidance for promoting your business and venue. Having one of our Classes at your venue will immediately enhance its reputation in the local area
  • Our reputation for reliability in terms of financial settlement

Your Commitment to Move and Inspire Me

Our professional values are mirrored in the following ways:

  • Please avoid advertising other people’s classes nearby unless they are hall users like us.
  • Have the venue prepared suitably for a Dance Fitness or Yoga Class:
  • floor clear and clean, tables cleared away, clutter free
  • toilets clean and fresh stocks of toilet paper, soap etc
  • first aid equipment and fire exits safe and useable
  • clean up equipment available for spills, dirt on floor
  • temperature not too hot for Dance Fitness as we get warm during the workout or up to an agreed temperature (usually 25 degrees) for Yoga as we get cool during relaxation
  • Banners, A boards and posters – provides space for these at agreed sites
  • Understand and agree to the noise levels involved in the class time (very quiet for Yoga in the hall and surrounding rooms and outside areas and noisier for Dance Fitness).
  • Provide a receipt for payments
  • Avoid double booking at all costs


How do we Re-Negotiate?

  • Not before, during or after class
  • Not in front of clients
  • Communicate during the week outside class times to re-negotiate working practices that aren’t working well.  Here are the contact details:

Chair:  Deborah Molwuka:

07539 600 640

  • Both parties can terminate working relations if this contract is broken otherwise a minimum of one months notice is required to end the agreement
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