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Managing your account and booking your classes couldn’t be easier!

(This page is full of “toggles” – you click on the title [eg “How to buy credits”] to open them up, and click on the same title to close them again!)

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Step 1: Getting Started

Watch the video in the first toggle – this shows you how to do it.
Then go to our online shop in the second toggle.

How to buy credits

Online Shop

Using the Move and Inspire Me portal on your computer

How to book a class

How to customise your portal

How to cancel a class

Once you’ve got started, the easiest way to manage your membership is with our app

But make sure you’ve completed step 1 before you download the app

Signing up and booking your classes couldn’t be easier.
It’s a simple two-step process:

  • Buy your class credits
  • Use your credits to book classes

If you like using your smartphone, then you’ll love our app. It makes everything easy!
You can get the app for your android or iPhone

Move and Inspire Me Helpdesk

Ben Gardiner

We’ve been working with Ben since 2011, and as our website designer he is a key partner for us. And he produced the videos on this page, so he understands the portal process thoroughly.

Ben will help you buy your credits and book your classes for just £10

Deb says:

“The process is very friendly with Ben.  Of course he is someone who has done work for me but actually he feels more like a friend now.  I don’t say that lightly of many.  I just consider him an ethical man of integrity with whom I’ve had the pleasure to do business.  It goes without saying that he is highly recommended…”

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