Why have the Prices Increased?

The expenses of running classes have been in excess of £22,000 this year.  As you are all aware, I take a very small wage for this.  It is much less than minimum wage and in the last two months of this year, I will not be able to take a wage at all because we are going over to the new payment system and there is nothing coming in in week 10 as usual, apart from a few who are sticking to the old pre-payment (termly) system, rather than going over to standing order.  You know I don’t do this for money.  However, we cannot sustain a life with so little income in terms of contributions to the household from me and at times have risked losing our home or risked closing down all together and me returning to my old career and my old income of £47,000 per year!

Price Increase for Dance Fitness

From 2018, class prices will rise from £4.50 for Dance to £5 per class.  This price is reduced all the way down to £2.50 if you are doing multiple classes.

Price Increase for Yoga

From 2018, Yoga will rise from £6.50 to £8 per class.  This price is reflective of the new Advanced Practitioner Status I now hold.  There are very few classes in the UK that offer Somatic Yoga and none unless you want to go to North Yorkshire for the nearest one to here.  The training costs for me in 2017 were £3,137 so this explains why there is a price increase for 2018.  You will still be able to receive class notes for free as part of the fee.  Taking more than one Yoga class reduces the price to £4 per class however.

Access All Areas Option Removed

Free classes can no longer be offered as I haven’t covered my expenses this year.  This means you will be paying for every class that you take.  However, the more classes you take, the more discount you can expect.  A full outline of class prices is detailed below.

Removal of Discounts

Discounts of all types (nurse, charity, church worker, family etc) except multiple class discounts (see below) have to be withdrawn because the costs of running classes this year has been so high.  However, you can make an appeal to the committee for funded and part funded classes by emailing me stating why you need financial support next year and your case will be heard at our next committee meeting.  Please don’t make rising costs a reason for not attending classes. You will not be taking from ME personally.  This is what the charity funds are for…

Multiple Class Discounts

The prices quoted above are for one class per week.  If you do more than one class, the price goes down.  Two classes, of any type gets you a 20% discount, three classes of any type gets you a 30% discount and so on up to 50% off.  Here is the full list of options.

Here are some concrete examples to help you understand what discount you will be getting based on common combinations of classes currently being taken:

2 dance classes per week: £4 per class: £29.33 per monthly standing order

3 dance classes per week: £3.50 per class: £38.50 per monthly standing order

1 Yoga class and 1 Dance Class per week: £4 for Dance and £6.40 for Yoga: £38.13 per monthly standing order

1 Yoga class and 2 Dance Classes per week: £3.50 for Dance and £5.60 for Yoga: £46.20 per monthly standing order

Many many more classes in a year

The monthly standing order reflects the price of your classes divided by 44.  There will only be 8 weeks in the year when there will be no class provided.  This is a HUGE increase and is done at your request.  We were closed for 7 weeks in the summer and all of us suffered for it.  Thanks to your suggestions, we will be offering a pretty much all year round service with a couple of weeks off at Christmas, only one in the summer and one at Easter and 4 others spattered across the year to give me a few little breaks.

Many thanks in advance for your kind understanding and appreciation of these unavoidable price increases.


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