Have you noticed that when sitting, on any kind of chair or the floor, you are almost always slightly leaning to one side? Furthermore, if you are a side sleeper, you are hiking your hip upward the whole night through, causing a pull on one side. Naturally, there are long-term implications for this habitual positioning including shortening one side of the lower back, particularly tightening the QL muscle that we have talked about this term as well as weakening the Glute and tightening the Psoas; drawing the pelvis into an anterior tilt. Here is a video explaining this dynamic;

The deactivated glute muscle isn’t recruited well when it’s needed, especially after long periods of sitting (even more so if there is a tilt in the sitting posture).  This week we are focusing on strengthening the Glutes – the Oowerhouse of your entire body! IThis not only gives you a very pretty backside but also helps to utilise more effectively, the biggest muscle in the body which is designed to prevent an anterior tilt which is responsible for your low back taking all the strain during every day activities such as walking  and pushing up from sit to stand.

For more tips on getting away from the side sleeping habit, take a look at this blog entry.

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