It was Arlene Philips, the Strickly Come Dancing Judge that said that if we have strong legs, we will have a “good innings”.  It’s true enough that the path to dependence begins with the inability to push ourselves up from the couch into standing without assistance.  To do that most effectively we need good strong thigh muscles, strong abdominal muscles and pelvic floor and if we want to save our knees, we need the feet to be strong and the ankles to be stable..

Standing Yoga Practice to assist you to have active and strong feet and legs.

The following Hatha Yoga Practice offers an opportunity to release the low back; lengthen the hamstrings; release the hips & neck.  A bit of an all rounder that can be useful to practice regularly as it will also mobilise the shoulder joint and strengthen the arms as well as legs. The trunk muscles are engaged at times during the practice in a natural way, rather than forced. This is therefore a good strengthener for the abs. The proprioception required to centre yourself in the middle of your foot is a useful tool when standing upright as well as when in forward fold. The tendency is to bring the weight too far back. If you are over pronated in the foot arch, this will help you to control the arch yourself.  Doing this all round practice regularly will prevent the need for orthotics if practiced regularly which is good news as it’s the very use of orthotics and stiff soled shoes that caused your weak feet in the first place and therefore the propensity toward Plantar Fascitis, internal rotation of the tibia and stress on the knee joint with potential hip and back pain in the first place…

The awareness of potential rib flare facilitates you to avoid over arching in the low back You need a Yoga Brick (sometimes called block) for this practice and a child’s football or a second Yoga Brick / Block.  If you have high blood pressure, it is not recommended that you stay in this pose for as long as I am and may not be a good practice for you. Please ensure you have been cleared by your GP to participate in this type of practice. More details of weekly classes in the South Yorkshire area of the UK and Private Lessons with Deborah at We specialise in over 45’s and with those with mobility issues, joint problems and age related disability.



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