Unfortunately, due to complete exhaustion due to time taken to manage electronic requests for class swaps (particularly for Yoga classes), I am no longer in a position to offer this service to you and the committee ruled on Weds this week that no swaps were to be offered from today on.  Bear in mind that there are sometimes around 15 emails or messages just to manage one swap for one person and there are at least 6 people making these 15 communications on any one day….  It has just become untenable to keep up with all these on top of class preparation and day to day business.  Because of class swaps I’ve been forced to work every weekend (a 75 hour week) since the beginning of term and I just can’t keep up this lifestyle and remain true to my other life values.

However, I am prepared ON A TRIAL BASIS ONLY to try to give you what you want but you must manage the system of swapping classes yourself please.

Here is the new class swapping proceedure:

a) Check there are spaces yourself on the paper register at class and mark yourself in as a visitor on that register by ticking under the date that you propose to attend

b) Put yourself down as away on your own register

You can ask someone to do this for you.  If the class is FULL you cannot swap.  In this case, please choose a quieter class that week to swap too.

Under no circumstances whatsoever can this request be made directly to me outside of class time.

So… until someone breaks these NEW rules, you will still be able to swap classes when you need too.  Please do not make an exception for yourself and start contacting me again which will RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE as I will have to follow the committee’s wise advice and withdraw the class swapping facility with immediate effect.

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