Is lack of sleep turning you off?  Apart from simply being too tired, your lack of sleep is also reducing your sex hormones (Oestrogen and Testosterone) and turning you off even further.  So how to break the cycle of tiredness and lack of libido?  My first tip is to have orgasms at the time your genetically determined Chronotype dictates.  To find out what your Chronotype is, take this quiz

Luckily you can boost these hormones by simply deciding to partake in some sexy antics, before you’ve become too tired.  If you have more sex which results in a boost to your Oxytocin (known as the love hormone) level and reduces Cortisol (the stress hormone), you’ll also sleep better, especially if you are male.  So it’s really orgasm, rather than sex that helps.  An unsatisfying romp may do the exact opposite to your sleep and keep you tossing and turning in search for the peace that comes with a satisfying orgasm.

In terms of differences between the sexes regarding our sleep behaviours, there is evidence that women are more vulnerable to impact of sleep depravation.  Average sleep is roughly 6 hours and 33 mins a night for people aged 52 and older with deep sleep taking up 15 % and deep sleep taking up 20% (see ‘Sleep Fast’ by Michael Mosley for more facts and figures).  In a Fitbit study, women sleep slightly more than men, by around 25 mins per night which surprises me and friends I talk too on a local level mention that their partners drop off quickly and snore as if attempting to wake the dead – this they put down to not having all the household management, family, social on top of other work and volunteer worries.

During these times of working from home, the boundaries between work and off time have never been more blurred.  I have had a problem with this all my self employed working life since organising your Yoga class seems to be an activity for Sunday night at 10pm.  I have even got face time calls from perfect strangers using the Facebook Messenger app at 11pm on a Sunday when the shock of being caught in my nightie instigated a do not distrub policy and I am known not to take messages on my personal Facebook messenger – only on the business page’s messenger.  Of course instigating work boundaries on paper doesn’t necessary translate to being able to parcel up work and other worries as easily in your head.  This is where Yoga and Meditation as well as making having a good night’s sleep a real priority in my life as a result of watching how tempted I am to worry away at problem solving into the wee hours.

This week we will be studying how sleep position may be contributing to the quality of your deep and REM sleep and next week we will be discussing how Yoga and Meditation contributes to the success of your management of stress such that drifting off is more attainable, even with other sleep depriving issues, such as ageing getting in the way.  As well as a disciplined routine; practicing with the Move and Inspire Me Yoga family on a weekly basis and doing your own home practice daily-ish, evidence has shown that having a very satisfying sex life can ease you into the land of nod in a wonderfully pleasant way.

If all this talk of sex is turning you completely off, you could turn to a nice bedtime story.  Here is one you might enjoy:

Other stories for adults available in the Calm App which is also good for learning meditation:


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