As of Monday 26th June, we will be back in the function room at the Millstone Pub in Tickhill for both Monday and Friday Yoga Classes.  Unfortunately last week, members were disturbed during relaxation by unexpected loud noises from uninvited people accessing the building without warning, having previously agreed not allow disruptions during the class.  We were also asked to cease our previously agreed practice of warming up the building for class.  Given the potential for the weather to change back to being too cold in the building, even in these summer months, in discussions in class on Monday, we were all concerned that we wouldn’t be able to have classes that were adequately heated which would make it unpleasant for all.  For this reason, the Millstone new management team were approached with a view to providing a lovely warm room for class as  soon as possible.  Andrea Clark has been most welcoming and is absolutely delighted that we are moving back into our old haunt and all of us are excited to be back.  I’m sure she will be offering us a cheeky deal or two to eat together from time to time after class so this is an added bonus for those of us that like to have a chin wag after class.  Thank you all for your support in discussing the problems of using the Methodist Schoolroom and coming up with a swift solution.

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