Thanks to an out of the blue call from the casting researcher for Britain’s Got Talent (Hannah) that invited us to pre-audition for the show next week.  We have been absolutely delighted by your response to this which has been to see the bigger picture regarding our participation in the show.  Many of you have expressed how powerfully your participation in class has affected your lives, not just because we sing our hearts out along with the dancing (and feel the inevitable rush of adrenalin) but just like with our Yoga classes, there is a chance to forget all your troubles and focus outside yourself and contribute to a group.  For many of you there has been a release to be focusing on the moment and you have found it a wonderful way to rid yourselves of grief, heartache anxiety and depression.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the Charity to become known in the local area and beyond and the most wonderful chance to show that you can age successfully and help the NHS by keeping yourself fit and health beyond the age of 40.  It is a brilliant showcase for communities like ours who are committed to supporting each other to stay fit and strong into older age and Laura, myself, Debbie, Tracey, and all the committee would be entirely delighted if you would join in!  Even if you are unconvinced about being in front of the camera, we ask you to join in the camaraderie that will be generated by our whole team involvement in the process.  Shared reality is the basis of friendship and this will certainly be a memorable thing to share together.

Don’t worry if you are Yoga Student.  You have been sent a video to practice on the email and the piece is only 1 minute 40 seconds long.  We need all hands on deck please… pretty please!  Our request is that you focus on the purpose of this event – the values behind it that we all share – rather than on your own individual performance which we will be coaching you on.  You’ll also have instructions in the email about what to wear – best Bib and Tucker and All That Jazz!

After the auditions we will have more idea about what else if involved in the process if things go further.  We will have your health, wellbeing and financial security at the forefront of our minds when we are asking the right kind of questions to protect you in the process.

Although there is more to our show piece that this video represents, here is the basic routine for you to learn:


Much love


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