I am back from a weekend’s training on Yoga Nidra and totally delighted to be sharing my new found knowledge with you. I am completely convinced from my experiences during the training that you will enjoy Yoga Nidra and during the first of 6 weeks of experiencing it at the end of class, we will be focusing our attention on how it can be used to deepen your sleep. Some of the benefits of YN are:
1. It improves your concentration abilities which allows for a better memory which becomes clearer and crisper
2. You will start retaining what you read and hear better than you have before and generally have a greater ability to focus
3. Your performance is necessarily improved because you are less distracted helped greatly by improved sleep patterns and by your ability to make decisions much more rapidly and accurately
4. Your mind is refreshed after the experience of YN, leaving it clearer, more settled as well as rested with an increased ability to process information

Yoga Nidra means “Conscious Deep Sleep” it is far more effective than a nap or a coffee break and can be done throughout the day as well as before sleep. The best way to understand it is to experience it, which is why I’ve decided to give you this experience every week for this second half of the term leading into the Summer in order that you have enough practice to run with it on your own during the long break. Here are some good explanations of what it is all about.

We are all aware of the importance of sleep to enhance physical healing, mental health and emotional stability and we have many ways of enhancing it, though of course, we don’t always follow our own advice (me especially ho ho ho).  Here are some very useful tips for sleeping in case you want to add some to your own itinerary at nighty night time, including foot rub recipes which I find interesting as this is an ancient Yogic activity before bed. Here are some more tips to help you get into a better regime both before bed and after you’ve slept and if you need to loose weight, you’ll be pleased to know that getting more sleep will help you so much with this, take a look at the evidence here.

As well as significantly reducing stress and anxiety (Kumasi, 2007 – you can look at the research here)  Yoga Nidra has been shown to help our sleep and this is our focus this week. As Kumasi & Joshi (2008) show in this article, the is known for significantly increasing Alpha brain states. When we are awake these help us to remain more alert and creative during the day as well as bringing about mental relaxation. They also showed an increase in galvanic skin response (GSR) which is present when people become calm (which occurs with an Alpha dominated brain).

Until next week everybody, gets some Z’ds and enjoy your Yoga Nidra Experience

Namaste Peeps

Deborah ; )

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