Help in the Summer PLEASE : )

I’m hoping to continue to build our Yoga and Dance YouTube Catalogue over the summer but I need your help!  If you can spare and hour or two, please drop me a quick mail ( with your availability and a list of what you can offer from the following much needed roles (you can contribute to all of them, it’s not limited to one):

  1. Dance Demonstration (we will go over the song lots of times before we record it, don’t worry!).  Preferably in a M&IM top if you have one…  The aim is to get the moves down so we don’t forget them in the future and to help new people find their feet!
  2. Yoga Demonstrator.  I will be in the shot with you, in teacher role.  We may “storyboard” it with an opportunity to show how not to perform the Somatic Yoga Flow as well as how to align correctly.  We will go over the movements before we record it.  You don’t have to be young, flexible or experienced.  In fact the more relatable for your average person, the better….
  3. Tell Your Story.  It’s really motivating to hear from REAL people.  Lots of you come up to me in class and say how M&IM has helped you get fitter, feel happier and feel accepted into the M&IM family.  It would be great to capture snippets of these stories on camera, especially if something funny has happened to you in class, that new people can relate too!  We want authenticity, not superstars!
  4. Videographer.  I will train you up regarding how to use and hold the camera in the Gimbal.  No experience necessary.  We will practice lots of times before “pressing go”
  5. Uploading.  Full training given.  MAC users only.

The aim is to give back to the YouTube Community in the first instance who have been a constant resource to me.  Secondly, we want to build an easy-to-use resource to help Yogi’s and Dancers alike to practice at home between classes. If you would like that for yourself, I’d love you to come and help because you’ll be motivated to make it user friendly.  I don’t have any money to pay you.  This is a voluntary role and is particularly welcomed from those who have received funding this year…

In no way stop yourself from offering because of self criticism.  I want representations from all levels of ability, all sizes, shapes and ages are extremely welcome.

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